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EDUCATE IGNITE INSPIRE J.E. Cosgriff Memorial Catholic School, in Salt Lake City, Utah, is accredited for preschool through 8th grade by the Western Catholic Education Association.

A Ministry of St. Ambrose Parish

Supply Lists

This year we have added the school supply lists to Amazon for your convenience. Below you will find a school supply list for each grade.  You will also find a Amazon supply list link for each grade.

School supplies do not have to be ordered through Amazon however if you decide to go through Amazon please use the AmazonSmile link and Amazon will donate a portion to J.E. Cosgriff Memorial Catholic School:


2017-2018 School Supply Lists:

Preschool, Pre-K, Toddlers Supply List 2017-2018

Kindergarten Mrs. Jenkins Supply List 2017-2018

Kindergarten Mrs. Lacombe Supply List 2017-2018

1st Grade Supply List Mrs. Commagere 2017-2018

1st Grade Supply List Ms. Li 2017-2018

2nd Grade Supply List Mr. Weyher 2017-2018

2nd Grade Supply List Ms. Sebahar 2017-2018

3rd Grade Supply List 2017-2018

4th Grade Supply List 2017-2018

5th Grade Supply List 2017-2018

6th Grade Supply List 2017-2018

7th Grade Supply List 2017-2018

8th Grade Supply List 2017-2018



2017-2018 Amazon School Supply Links:

Mrs. Green Toddler: http://a.co/cOCqpX7

Ms. Camp Preschool & Pre-K: http://a.co/brupfco

Mrs. Lee Preschool & Pre-K: http://a.co/h0k8Gel

Mrs. Jenkins Kindergarten: http://a.co/1oqfQBh

Mrs. Lacombe Kindergarten: http://a.co/eYnqlc7

1st Grade Ms. Li: http://a.co/hq08oYX

1st Grade Mrs. Commagere: http://a.co/dU4Y1pV

Ms. Sebahar 2nd Grade: http://a.co/43Ca3m8

Mr. Wehyer 2nd Grade: http://a.co/2hWJ2vC

Mrs. Drees 3rd Grade: http://a.co/guEta3p

Ms. Gale 4th Grade: http://a.co/5ewWTuq

Ms. Curry 5th Grade: http://a.co/fRA1cq8

Mrs. Newman 6th Grade: http://a.co/8MORt94

Mr. Larson 7th Grade: http://a.co/bpbGfAk

Mrs. Cindy Hunt 8th Grade: http://a.co/4Ekf3ur