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EDUCATE IGNITE INSPIRE J.E. Cosgriff Memorial Catholic School, in Salt Lake City, Utah, is accredited for preschool through 8th grade by the Western Catholic Education Association.

A Ministry of St. Ambrose Parish

Principal’s Letter

November 12, 2018

Dear Parents,

1. Veterans Day, an official United States public holiday is observed annually on November 11. Today, November 12, we celebrate Veterans Day as a Federal Holiday.  It is a privilege to honor all who have courageously served our country in the United States Military. As part of our school “Family” activity, students design hand-made Thanksgiving cards, which will include a special letter of thanks. These cards will be delivered to the Veteran’s Hospital in time for Thanksgiving.

2. Progress reports will be sent home Thursday, November 15. Review your child’s progress with goals for the remainder of the quarter. During this busy holiday season, it is very important to encourage your child to stay focused and devote ample time to academic learning. RenWeb is a reliable resource for you and your child when checking assignments and grades.

3. J. E.Cosgriff school is hosting two prospective parent “Drop In” tours in December.

Wednesday, November 14, at 9:00 a.m.

Tuesday, November 27, 9:00 a.m.

Please reach out to your friends and acquaintances who may be interested in learning more about J.E. Cosgriff for the 2019-20 school year.  Parents are our most visible and positive source of publicity—thank you.

4. This coming Friday, November 16, school “Families” will meet to fill at least 45 food boxes with all the necessary foods for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Members of St. Patrick’s Parish will pick up these boxes along with a $25.00 gift card (for the purchase of a turkey) for each box. Five or more boxes have been requested for families in St. Ambrose parish.

Please make a personal or family sacrifice this week to purchase food items needed in your child’s grade. The Student Leadership Council will sell “Smencils” (smelly pencils) and crayons on Tuesday andThursday. The price for each “Smencil” is $2.00

           All food items should be placed in the classroom (not by the office)


Toddler, pre-school and pre-k–canned fruit

·         Kindergarten—canned vegetables

·         First Grade—packaged stuffing

·         Second Grade—packaged flake potatoes

·         Third Grade—bread or muffin mix

·         Fourth Grade—boxed desserts (cake, jello, pudding)

·         Fifth Grade—gravy mix, chicken broth

·         Sixth Grade—olives, pickles, cranberry relish

·         Seventh Grade—extra canned fruit, vegetables, potatoes, relish

·         Eighth Grade—50 sturdy boxes for packing dinners.

5. A family in our school community is in great need of a slightly used or new washer and dryer. There are five children in the family so these appliances would be used almost daily. Please contact Mrs. Hunt right away if you are able to help.  801-486-6933  bhunt@cosgriff.org

6. Please join Marni Andrews, Mardi Gras, chair for a special question and answer meeting tomorrowNovember 13, right after drop off in the school library. Marni would like to offer a more detailed explanation regarding the different Mardi Gras committees, in hopes that you would choose to sign up and help with this important fundraiser.   (coffee included)

7. A special request: If you have had experience working at an auction using mobile devices for bidding, please share your experience with the auction committee. Please email or call Danielle Jefferies, as soon as possible djefferies@cosgriff.org    801-486-3197 ex: 424, with your feedback, pro or con. Your input is valuable and needed for the auction committee. If you have time, please stop in the librarytomorrow after drop off to share your experience using mobile bidding.

Thank You,

Mrs. Hunt, Principal



November 5, 2018

Dear Parents,

Please read the following:


Last evening, our sixth, seventh, and eighth grade Youth Group worked to rake leaves, enjoy donuts and hot chocolate, prepare for Mass, sing and dance with Fr. Joshua, celebrate Mass as a group ending with a final song,  “Tell the World of His Love.” It was a very uplifting, and positive experience for all. Thank you Ms. Curry, Ms. Gehrig, Mrs. Walz and Fr. Joshua. 

1. There is an HSA meeting this evening at 7:00 p.m. in the school library. All parents are always invited to attend these meetings. If you have a topic for discussion, please contact Scott McAward, President atsmcaward@sa.utah.edu

2. A sincere “thank you” to Maria Willmarth and Aundrea Brinkman for chairing the Scholastic Book Fair this year. Also much gratitude goes to our librarian, Jennifer Shrum, and many other parents who devoted much time and energy setting up, working the fair and closing it down.  A book fair would not work without kind and generous parents, grandparents and friends of Cosgriff who willingly support our much needed fundraising projects.
3. Trivia Night, a favorite parent game night was once again a tremendous success and fun for all who attended this lively event. Much appreciation goes to Angela Patterson, chair, Jim and Carol Guilkey,­­­­­­ Marci Young Cancio, Mark Patterson, Jen and Mike Cook, Staci Mihalopoulous, Carlie Wheat, Mike and Candace Varanakis, Kim Kvarfordt, Heather Shotwell, Maria Santilian, Mariko Farr, Bogdann Petre, Ali Bond, Suzanne Silon, Meaghan Swartz and Danielle Jefferies.

Trivia Night was held in the Judge High School cafeteria. Thank you to Patrick Lambert, Principal for allowing Cosgriff to host this parent event at a fun and different venue.

4. Sunday, November 11, at 11:00 a.m. is the Inscription Mass for eighth grade students who attend Cosgriff School and other schools within the parish and plan to receive the sacrament of Confirmation in Spring 2019.  The fourth, fifth, sixth grade choir is invited to sing at this special Mass.


5. On November 11, at 12:00 noon (immediately following Mass) Cosgriff School will host a short INFORMATION MEETING in the school library followed by a SCHOOL TOUR. This is an excellent opportunity for families with children, toddler thru eighth grade to learn more about the school, ask questions and speak to teachers, parents and current students. Refreshments will be served.

Please note: There is an informal drop-in meeting and school tour at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, November 8, and Wednesday November 14. All interested parents are invited to attend this morning meeting in addition to or in place of November 11.

6. As you the parents continue to be our BEST form of P.R. for Cosgriff, please tell other potential parents/families to accept the invitation next Sunday and noon or November 14, to learn more about the great Catholic and Liberal Arts education at Cosgriff School.

**Parents are needed to help host the information meeting/tour on November 11, at noon. Please contact Mrs. Hunt if you are available to speak to potential parents about Cosgriff School. bhunt@cosgriff.org   801-486-6933. Thank you.

7. We are in need of a few families to join the Hankins family to rake and bag leaves at the home of some very dear parishioners, Jim and Claire Stanley. They live at 2826 Imperial St. Please contact Kerry Hankins ASAP to offer your help.  kerryhankins@hotmail.com   Thank you in advance for your kind service.

8. It has become a school tradition that during the month of November, our community service outreach is to provide the basic food items and a few trimmings to complete a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for at least 40 parishioners in St. Patrick’s Parish, located at  400 South 1000 West.  Each grade will be asked to collect different Thanksgiving food items during the month. These items may be brought to school and placed in a box inside the student’s classroom. On November 16, the “School Families” will assemble a gift box of assorted foods. A $25.00 gift card from Fresh Market will go along with each box and all will be picked up by a team from St. Patrick Church. Some families in St. Ambrose are given a gift box and card as well. If time allows, students will make Happy Thanksgiving cards for patients at the Veterans hospital.

***Please feel free to purchase a few extra $25.00 gift cards to Fresh Market and turn them into the office no later than November 16. They will go to a family in need for the purchase of a Thanksgiving Turkey.

  1. Please purchase the following needed food items according to your child’s grade level. He/she are asked to deliver the food items to school and place them in the special food boxes in their classroom. All needs to happen by November 16.

Please donate the following according to your child’s grade:

  1. Toddler, pre-school and pre-k–canned fruit
  2. Kindergarten—canned vegetables
  3. First Grade—packaged stuffing
  4. Second Grade—packaged flake potatoes
  5. Third Grade—bread or muffin mix
  6. Fourth Grade—boxed desserts (cake, jello, pudding)
  7. Fifth Grade—gravy mix, chicken broth
  8. Sixth Grade—olives, pickles, cranberry relish
  9. Seventh Grade—extra canned fruit, vegetables, potatoes, relish
  10. Eighth Grade—45-50 sturdy boxes with lids for packing dinners.

9. The students learn more about two important virtues during the month of November.    COMPASSION. Compassion calls us to pay close attention to the feelings, troubles, hardships, and challenges of another person and then take action to help in a respectful way. STEWARDSHIP. Christian stewards receive God’s gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, and share them lovingly in justice with others,

10. The Social Skill which students will learn, review and practice is VOLUNTEERING. Volunteering is a skill to use when you notice work that needs to be done or someone in need of assistance.

11. Just a friendly reminder that weekly Shop with Scrip Orders will start taking place Nov 14 to Dec 12. Place your Christmas gift giving and shopping orders in right away. An order placed by Wednesday will be available the following Wednesday. After the New Year it will go back to once a month ordering. If you have any questions please contact Lindsay at scrip@cosgriff.org.

12 Last but not least, Our Cosgriff Volleyball teams were polished and very successful at the tournament on Saturday, November 3. The final playoffs were between Cosgriff teams with very close match-ups and competition. A very special thank-you to Mr. Brian McCloud, Athletic Director, for coordinating all Volleyball coaches, staff and games. Also, thank you to Jill Curry, and Emily Ellis for their positive attidude, hard work coaching and spending extra time to teach necessary skills to the players

Our sports leagues would not exist without the many parents who coach, car pool, get their children to practice and cheer at the games. Thank you.

Regular Season Volleyball Results.

Brian, McCloud Athletic Director.


1st Place- Cosgriff White

3rd Place- Cosgriff Gold


1st Place- Cosgriff Gold

3rd Place- Cosgriff Green



1st Place- Cosgriff Gold

2nd Place- Cosgriff White


1st place-Cosgriff Gold

2nd place- Cosgriff Green

A special thank you to our devoted current and former parent, teacher and student coaches. Their excellent teaching and coaching made all the difference in our volleyball teams skill set, positive attitude, and morale.

Thank you to the following:


Mark and Ava Isaac- Cosgriff White

Amy and Marley Rosello- Cosgriff Gold

Bree Murphy and Lauren Cook- Cosgriff Green

Jim Sibthorp and Kyle Smith- Cosgriff Orange


Jill Curry and Emily Ellis- Cosgriff Black

Michelle Gose- Cosgriff Gold

Katie Crandall- Cosgriff Green

Thank you,

Mrs. Hunt, Principal




October 29, 2018

Dear Parents,

Please read the following:

All Cosgriff students will attend Mass at 9:00 a.m. on All Saints Day, Thursday, November 1, 2018. Students are expected to wear FORMAL DRESS to school on that day.

Checkered Vans and colored sneakers are not considered formal dress shoes. There are many nice casual and inexpensive, leather shoes available on line or in the stores. All students, boys and girls kindergarten-eighth grade are expected and required to wear formal dress shoes, a tie and belt as needed on Formal Dress Days. (Casual shoes may be worn at recess following Mass)

1. Report cards for kindergarten and first grade students will go home today. Report cards for all other grades will be sent home tomorrow, 1/30. So sorry for the inconvenience, we have been challenged by the RenWeb format. Please take time to sit with your child to review academic grades, conduct and goals for quarter two. If you have questions regarding the report card, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher.

2. A heart-felt thank you to Sarah Ross and Gemma Pessina, for their hard work in planning and organizing hosting another fabulous Fall Fun Family Festival. Much gratitude to many parents, Christino and Felix Padillo, along with current and former students of Cosgriff for their help with throughout the evening.

3. The Scholastic Book Fair is well underway. Please know that books and other gift items may be purchased Monday, 1/29 thru Thursday 11/1 from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and Friday 11/2 until 2:30 p.m. Please encourage family and friends to shop at the Book Fair as the proceeds help Cosgriff with many new books and teaching materials. 

4. The Halloween parties and parade will take place on Wednesday, October 31. Parties will begin around 1:30 p.m. and the parade will begin at 2:30 p.m. Please do not park in the church parking lot after 11:00 a.m. as it will be part of the parade route.

5. Halloween costumes may not include face masks, hoods, plastic weapons or signs of blood and gore.

6. Homework Club has been cancelled on Wednesday, October 31.

7. The Student Leadership Council will sell skeleton and pumpkin lollipops for .50 cents each again tomorrow, as part of the all school community service project to collect money for Catholic Community Services in Raleigh North Carolina in support of recent hurricane victims who are in great need of clean water, food, clothing, shelter, and certainly our prayers.

8. Trivia Night for parents only is Saturday, November 3, in the Judge Memorial Cafeteria. Please assemble a highly intelligent, fun group of friends to meet at 5:30 for a night of many laughs, and great prizes.

9. During the parent meeting on October 15, parents asked the professional panel for reading material and resources. Dr. Kirk Simon has recommended the following: “The Family Virtues Guide” by Linda Kavelin Popov, and “On Grief and Grieving” by E. Kubler Ross and D. Kesler.

10. Save the Date: All middle school students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades are invited to a Youth Group gathering and yard clean-up activity on Sunday, November 4, beginning at 3:30 p.m. Students are asked to bring a rake to Youth Group that day.

Thank you,

Mrs. Hunt, Principal




October 22, 2018

Dear Parents,

Please read the following:

A very special thank you to all parents who were able to attend the parent meeting on October 15. It was an hour of caring, faith-filled questions, answers, and discussion. Much appreciation goes to our panel of experts, Kirk Simon, Rachele McCarthey, Kyle Smith, Scott McAward, Amy Spratling, and Fr. Joshua Santos who shared their time and knowledge to answer parent questions and offer support to the School and Church community.  

1. Homework club has been cancelled today, 10/22, due to a full faculty/staff meeting right after school.

2. The Scholastic Book Fair begins Thursday of this week in the school library. Please invite grandparents neighbors and friends to support Cosgriff and choose from a great selection of books for all ages.

Your volunteer help is greatly needed before, during and after the Book Fair. See below:

We need volunteers to work on cash registers and to help with wish lists on October 30th, 31st and November 1st. Please volunteer if you are able. We can’t run a book fair if we are short staffed and this event relies entirely on volunteers. It is an event that the students love and gets them excited about reading. Sign up link:


Thank you!! Maria Willmarth 801-949-1254; maria.willmarth@gmail.com

3. The second grade First Communion Presentation Mass is Sunday, October 28, at 11:00 a.m. All families are invited to celebrate the presentation J.E. Cosgriff First Communicants and those who attend other schools and are members of St. Ambrose Parish.

4. All lunch orders and payment for November are due Tuesday, October 23, (the latest). Please place orders and payment in the mailbox by the office.

5. Trivia Night for parents is Saturday, November 3. Go to www.cosgriff.org  to reserve a table. Hurry as there are only a few tables left.  Trivia Night will be held in the Judge High School cafeteria. The JMHS book store will be open for business from 5-6:00 p.m. in order to accommodate your holiday shopping.

6. Halloween lollipops will be sold again this week on Wednesday, October 24, for $1.00 each. All donations will be sent to Catholic Relief Services in the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh North Carolina to help the recent hurricane victims. Thank you to all eighth grade parents for donating donuts in support of the eighth grade bake sale last week.

7. The annual Halloween Parade will take place at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 31. Parents are asked to park on the street after 11:00a.m. to allow for the construction of a parade route in the parking lot. Students may bring a costume to school to wear during an afternoon party beginning around 1:30-1:45pm as directed by the classroom teacher.   Students and parents may not wear face masks, hoods, carry a plastic weapon or wear a costume with blood or frightful symbols.

8. If your child is having a difficult time deciding on a costume, Fr. Joshua has recommended some Catholic and easy to assemble costumes depicting a friar, sister, pope, priest, saint etc. See my email letter through RenWeb.

9. Basketball sign-up for second thru eighth grade boys and girls for the 2018-19 season closes on Friday, October 26 at 1:15 p.m. go to www.cosgrif.org for an application. Those in need of financial aid, please contact Mrs. Hunt, bhunt@cosgriff.org 801-486-6933.

10. The construction of the new Cosgriff Music Room will begin this coming week. Please watch children at all time, as there will be large trucks and heavy equipment on Redondo Ave for excavation and clean-up. Maureen McCarthey, Terence Stephens and North Star Builders have generously supported the expansion of this larger room for music classes and instrument lesson.  We are all most grateful.

11. The Fall Fun Family Festival is Friday, October 26, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. in the church social center. This is a traditional family and community activity for the St.Ambrose Community where children and adults are sure to enjoy exciting games, and refreshments. Sarah Ross is in great need of middle school and high school student volunteers and parents to set up and operate the games and activity booths. Please email Mrs. Ross if you are available to help. sarah11ross@yahoo.com

12. Save the Date: All middle school students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades are invited to a Youth Group gathering and yard clean-up activity on Sunday, November 4, beginning at 3:30 p.m. Students are asked to bring a rake to Youth Group that day.

13. Many exciting sports are encouraged and allowed on our new playground area. One sport that is not sanctioned is skateboarding, because of the damage to the sport court surface and danger of injury.   Several skateboarders were asked to leave the playground over the week end. “No Skateboarding” signs will go up in the near future and possibly a combination lock for the gates. Parents, if you are in the parking lot and witness skate boarders in action, please ask them to stop and leave the premises.

Thank you,

Mrs. Hunt, Principal



October 15, 2018

Dear Parents,

Please read the following:

All parents are invited to attend a school/parish question and answer, community building meeting this evening beginning at 6:00 p.m. in the church social center. 

Parent Meeting Objectives: 

First, to allow parents the opportunity to obtain information from professionals on how to respond to sensitive questions and comments from their children regarding the absence of Fr. Andrzej.

Second, to discuss personal feelings of sadness, loss, concern, and confusion. Also, how to work together as compassionate parents and parishioners. 

Under no circumstance will personal issues regarding Fr. Andrzej be discussed tonight. The only reason his name will be brought up this evening is to ask the community to pray for him during these challenging times. This parent meeting has been organized as a result of parents asking for ways to communicate with their children and address their own personal feelings. This will not be a venue to pass judgement or engage in negative comments about anyone!! Please read and remember the following biblical quote:

John.8. [1] Jesus went unto the Mount of Olives. … But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. [7] So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”

John.8 – Bible, King James Version

1.  Fall Break begins at 12:15 p.m. on Thursday, October 18, and includes Friday, October 19.

2. Extended Day will close at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 18.

3. Homework Club has been cancelled on October 18, due to Fall Break, and Monday, October 22 due to a faculty/staff meeting.

4. Thursday, October 18, marks the end of the first quarter of school. This will be a busy week for students with testing, presentations, and other projects due by Thursday.

5. Report cards will go home on October 29, 2018

6. During the second and third quarter of school, uniform shorts may NOT be worn to school. Students are expected to wear long pants with belts. Girls may continue to wear the uniform skirt, jumper or long pants. Uniform pants must be purchased through Dennis Uniform or Lands End.  “Skinny” pants may not be worn as uniform attire.

7. Many students in kindergarten thru eighth grade have chosen to wear “free” style sweatshirts to school in place of the green Cosgriff sweatshirt, fleece jacket or sweater which are part of the required uniform.

Students will be asked to remove the “Free” style sweat shirts, light jackets etc. with a possible consequence of picking them up from the school Principal in late May 2019. In extremely cold weather, all students may wear a winter parka of choice over or instead of a sweatshirt. Students are encouraged to wear gloves, and a hat to keep warm.

8. As winter approaches, please make sure your child wears sturdy play shoes on casual uniform dress days and brings play shoes to change into, on Formal Dress days.

9. A late, yet important word of gratitude to the ambitious Grandparent Brunch Team for set-up, decoration, cooking and clean-up. Scott McAward, Kate Smith Meagan Swartz, Agata Golcz-McGill, Courtney Belgique, Jill Conner, Becky Fowler, Amanda Conner, and Natacha Violett, wrapped silver, set up tables, and cooked and plated well over 300 delicious meals. A special thank you to seventh and  eighth grade students who worked hard and represented Cosgriff so well as greeters, guides, servers and the clean-up crew. Classroom teachers, Mr. Huntzinger and Mr. Downes are to be acknowledged for the excellent student entertainment.

10. Thank you to Maryanne Emery, Andrea Sline, Meagan Swartz and Claire Stoecker for the creative and beautiful center piece arrangements. Please note that all flowers and design services were donated by Curated Design, curated.design.floral@gmail.com, owned by Maryanne Emery. Please support Curated Design as your holiday and special event florist choice.

11. The Student Leadership Council and eighth grade class will sponsor a DONUT bake sale on Wednesday, October 17, during lunch time. The proceeds from this sale will be sent to the Catholic Charities Mission of the Diocese of North Carolina in support of recent hurricane victims. Donut Price–$1.00 each.

12. The deadline for basketball sign-up is October 26, at 1:15 p.m. Register at www.cosgriff.org. Email Brian McCloud with questions. Contact Mrs. Hunt, Principal if your child is in need financial assistance with basketball fees. bhunt@cosgriff.org.  801-486-6933.

13. Trivia Night is November 3Gather your table of friends and sign up at www.cosgriff.org.

14. The J.E. Cosgriff Scholastic Book Fair will be held in the school library, from October 26th -November 1st. Volunteers are needed to help with Wish Lists and to work at the cash registers. If you sign up to volunteer for2 or more cashier slotsyou will receive a$10 Scholastic Gift Cardto be used for the purchase of books at the Book Fair! Please use the link below to sign up as a volunteer.


Maria Willmarth’s contact information:

maria.willmarth@gmail.com         801-949-1254

Thank you,

Mrs. Hunt Principal



October 7, 2018

Dear Parents,

Please read the following:

1. All families are invited to the 11:00 Mass on Sunday, October 14. The Seventh grade will host the Mass and fourth, fifth and sixth grade students are invited and encouraged to sing in the choir. Choristers should report to the Vaughan Center at 10:30 a.m. All families are invited to a donut, juice and coffee social directly following Mass.

2. Your help is needed to alert and invite prospective Cosgriff families of a Cosgriff School drop-in Information meeting and tour at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, October 10. All interested persons are asked to contact Maggie Kearns, Admissions Director at mkearns@cosgriff.org

3. The J.E. Cosgriff Scholastic Book Fair will be held in the school library, from October 26th -November 1st. Volunteers are needed to help with Wish Lists and to work at the cash registers. If you sign up to volunteer for2 or more cashier slotsyou will receive a$10 Scholastic Gift Cardto be used for the purchase of books at the Book Fair! Please use the link below to sign up as a volunteer.


Maria Willmarth’s contact information:



4. Trivia Night is just around the corner. Ask your best friends to join you on November 3, for a fun and entertaining evening. Go to www.cosgriff for sign-up and details.

5. Parents of second thru eighth grade boys and girls, sign your child up for CYO basketball. Go to www.cosgriff.org  and sign-up by November 1.

Thank you,

Mrs. Hunt, Principal



October 1, 2018

Dear Parents,

Please read the following important information:

1. The monthly HSA meeting is tonight at 7:00 p.m. in the school library. All parents are invited to attend these meetings. Please email Scott McAward at smcaward@sa.utah.edu if you would like to bring up a topic for discussion at an HSA meeting.

A special thank you to the parents of our eighth grade for a delicious lunch during parent teacher conference week. DASKS Greek Grill provided a fabulous lunch for all to enjoy. 

2. The annual Grandparent Brunch is Wednesday, October 3, beginning at 9:00 a.m. with an expected turn-out of 300 or more.  Our guests start arriving around 8:15am and leave after 11:00am. ALL PARENTS ARE ASKED TO PARK DOWN THE STREET, WELL AWAY FROM THE AREA BY THE CHURCH AND SCHOOL. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE CHURCH PARKING LOT UNTIL AFTER LUNCH RECESS—thank you. The seventh grade students will serve as greeters and assist our guests downstairs as necessary. A few grandparents have a difficult time walking a long distance and/or use a walker or cane. Please note that Grandparents and close family friends are our special guests for the day! After the brunch, grandparents will be invited into the school to visit their grandchild’s classroom. You may accompany your parent to the brunch and classroom visit, if he/she must otherwise attend the activities alone. Thank you to all parents for understanding that there is not enough seating space or food for all parents and grandparents to attend this annual event.

3. Thank you to all students and parents who took the time and made the effort to participate in Parent- Teacher Conferences.   Conferences serve as a meaningful mid-quarter check point for students to review academic goals and conduct. The end of the first quarter is October 18.

 A note from Ms. Gale, Fourth Grade Teacher
4. For the past several years, the fourth grade has knitted hats to donate to the Road Home at Christmas time. We will be beginning this project soon and are in need of your help! Your job will involve helping to teach students to do the knit stitch on a round needle and lots and lots of fixing mistakes.


Wednesday, Oct. 10– 2:10-3:00

Tuesday, Oct. 16– 2:10- 3:00

Wednesday, Oct. 24– 2:10- 3:00

Monday, Oct. 29— 2:10-3:00

Thursday, Nov. 8—11:10-12:00

Wednesday, Nov. 14– 2:10-3:00

Monday, Nov. 19— 2:10-3:00

*More dates will be scheduled through December

Where: Fourth Grade Classroom

If you would like to help, please contact Ms. Gale.

mgale@cosgriff.org or 801-483-3197

*We are also accepting yarn donations and needle donations (US Size 8, 16 inch round needles)

5. J.E.Cosgriff School will host the Scholastic Book Fair again this year, in the school library, from October 26-November 2. Maria Wilmarth, Aundrea Brinkman and Jennifer Shrum book fair chairpersons need your help. Volunteers are needed to help with Wish Lists and to work at the cash registers. If you sign up to volunteer for 2 or more cashier slots you will receive a $10 Scholastic Gift Card to be used for the purchase of books at the Book Fair! Please use the link below to sign up as a volunteer.


Maria Willmarth’s contact information:



6. Trivia Night tickets are now on sale. Go to www.cosgriff.org to purchase a ticket. Gather your table of “smart” friends for a fun and brainy night.

7. The Christian virtues which students will discuss and practice in October (and hopefully every day) are JUSTICE AND SOCIAL JUSTICE.  JUSTICE is that which is proper, fair and correct. It is knowing what is right and what should happen. God calls us to be fair, participate in society and work for the common good of all people—as good citizens. SOCIAL JUSTICE is living in the world as a good steward. The concept of learning ways to help others at home, school and in the broader community and learning the many ways to give back are an important part of the school vision. Please converse with your child about Social Justice and the ongoing privilege and need of doing good in the world.

8. The Student Leadership Council has chosen Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Raleigh, North Carolina as the school wide community service project for October. As faculty, students and parents we are asked to assist in performing the Corporal Works of Mercy with Catholic Charities. Many families in Raleigh are still in need of drinking water, food, shelter and a safe harbor. The eighth grade students will sponsor a “Donut” bake sale on Wednesday, October 17. Those delicious sweet and sour Halloween lollipops will be sold for $1.00 each starting on Tuesday, October 23.

9. During October, students will learn and practice two very important social skills: Interrupting  Appropriately and Giving Feedback or Correction.

10. Please take advantage of ParentsWeb to access your child’s grade information, link to FACTS, update parent volunteer hours and use the family directory.  The link is on our home page.  Our district code is JEC-UT.  If you have forgotten your password, you can click to have it reset.  If you still have trouble logging in, please email Maggie Kearns at mkearns@cosgriff.org.

11. It’s that time of year to turn in your Box Tops and Coca cola product plastic bottle caps.  Help us reach new Box Tops numbers with our next submission!

12. It is time for second thru eighth grade students to sign up for Catholic Youth League basketball. This is an opportunity for students of all skill levels to have fun and experience basketball in a positive way. Go to www.cosgriff to access a registration form. Please contact Mrs. Hunt, Principal if your child is in need of a scholarship to participate in the Catholic Youth League. 


Thank You,

Mrs. Hunt, Principal



September 24, 2018

Dear Parents,

Please read the following:

1. A Parent only Confirmation meeting will take place tonight at 7:00 p.m. in the Vaughan Center.

2. Please note a 12:15 p.m. dismissal on September 26 and 27, due to Parent Teacher Conferences. Please make sure you have made a conference appointment with your child’s homeroom teacher for one of those days. Seventh and Eighth grade teachers and all “Specials” teachers will be located in the school gym for the conferences.

If possible, seventh grade students and their parents are asked to attend conferences on Thursday, September 26 between 12:45 and 7:00 p.m.

3. The “Specials” schedule for conferences is as follows:

Latin, Mrs. Millard, 9/26, 1:00-5:00 p.m.           9/27, 4:00-7:00 p.m.

Choir, Mr. Huntzinger, 9/26, 1:00-3:00 p.m.

Computer, Ms. Jamison, 9/26 12:45-1:45           9/27, 12:45-1:45

Art, Mrs. Harmston, 9/26, 2:00-4:00 p.m.

Physical Education, Mrs. Ellis, 9/27, 2:00-4:30 p.m.

Library, Mrs. Shrum, 9/26, 1:00-3:00 p.m.          9/27, 1:00-5:00 p.m.

Music, Mr. Downes, 9/26, 12:45-3:30 p.m.

Violin, Mr. Harris, 9/27, 1:00-3:00 p.m.

Spanish, Mrs. Meier,  9/26,  1:00 – 3:00,               9/27, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Mr. McCormack,  9/26,  1:00 5:00          9/27, 1:00-5:00 p.m.

5. Homework Club will be cancelled on Wednesday, September 26, and Thursday, September 27, due to Parent Teacher Conferences.

6. All sixth, seventh and eighth grade students from Cosgriff including public school parishioners are invited to Youth GroupSunday, September 30.  All participants will begin by meeting in church at 4:50 p.m. to celebrate Mass together. After Mass, all will enjoy pizza, conversation and an athletic activity on the new playground. Parent pick-up is at 7:15 p.m.   Youth Group is a perfect opportunity for middle school students to pray together, enjoy a meal and conversation, serve those in need by completing community service projects and develop lasting friendships. Mrs. Jill Curry and Ms. Martina Gehrig direct the Youth Group. Fr. Joshua will visit on Sunday after Mass.

7. Students may wear NICE free dress on Wednesday, September 26, with a donation of $3.00 or more for dollars for “The Children’s Center.”

8. On Friday, September 28, our “School Families” will meet for the first time. An eighth grade student will lead a group of kindergarten-seventh grade students in creating a “School Family” crest. The crest will represent student beliefs and interests and will be named after a Catholic saint who stood for justice, and fair treatment for all in his/her life time. Our” School Families” will meet monthly throughout the school year to participate in a community service project and form friendships across the grades. Much appreciation goes to Courtney Sebahar, Marsha Newman, and Alma Camp for organizing the “Student Family” project for the school.

9. A sincere note of gratitude goes to Ashley Gardner and Rebecca Gray for helping all of our new families to feel welcome to Cosgriff, especially with children in toddler and pre-school classes. Summer picnics at the park, parent socials, and coffee at the school have given new parents the opportunity to become acquainted with other parents. A special thank you to Amy Paulos for organizing the most recent pre-school parent mixer. It was a great turn out and a fun social event for all parents.

10. If you are in need of a few volunteer hours, there is a pile of clothes stacked on a table by the gym that would love to be separated and folded. Please contact Mrs. Hunt if you are available to help.  bhunt@cosgriff.org 801-486-6933

11. It is time to register your “Trivia Night” team of twelve guests for Saturday night, November 3. Go to www.cosgriff.org.

Thank you,

Mrs. Hunt Principal


September 17, 2018

Dear Parents,

Please read the following:

HELP!! Tech savvy parents are needed on Wednesday, September 19, from 9:15 a.m. until 10:30 ish..  Senior members of our school and parish community are invited to the school library for coffee and a computer, cell phone, Ipad crash technology course. Please email Mrs. Hunt right away, if you are available to teach at “Tech Savvy Seniors” this Wednesday.   bhunt@cosgriff.org Thank-you.

1. A reminder that homework club has been cancelled today due to an all faculty/staff faculty meeting.

2. Please sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences which will take place Wednesday, September 26, 12:45 to 7:00 and Thursday, September 27, 12:45 to 7:00 p.m. Go to www.cosgriff.org for a direct sign-up link.

3. Murray School lunch orders and payment are due by Friday, September 21, in the lunch mailbox by the school office.

4. Extended Day becomes very crowded on Conferences days. Be sure to make a reservation as soon as possible so that Mrs. Cleverly has time to secure adequate supervision for all studentstcleverly@cosgriff.org   801-484-8905.

5. The Student Leadership Council has decided to support The Children’s Center as a community service project for the remainder of September. The Council has asked each grade level which includes toddler thru eighth grade to donate specific items from The Children’s Center WISH LIST. Some grades may donate a few clean and slightly used clothing items, other needed items must be new and store bought.

Your child took home a flyer with specific requests for his/her grade level. Please go to the Cosgriff web page if you did not receive the WISH LIST request sheet. CLICK HERE FOR WISH LIST

All items should be placed in a collection box by the front office. The toddler, pre-school and pre-kindergarten drop off boxes are downstairs by each classroom.

5. Tuesday, September 18, students may wear “crazy socks” and a “crazy hat” with a donation of two or more Children’s Center WISH LIST items. We have only two weeks to offer our full school support for the Children’s Center. Thank you.

Thank you,

Mrs. Hunt, Principal



September 10, 2018

Dear Parents,

Please read the following important notes:

Fr. Andrzej has taken a personal leave of absence for one month. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers during this time. Fr. Joshua Santos will serve in his place for this four week time period.  Fr. Santos is from the Los Angeles Diocese, so please welcome him to our church and school community. 

1. All parents of toddlers, pre-school and pre-k are invited to a short morning coffee break after 8:30 a.m. drop off on Wednesday, September 12. Coffee will be served on the south pre-school playground. Siblings welcome.

2. Thank you to Robb Farr and his fabulous “Bad in Plaid” golf committee and many generous sponsors for another very successful and fun golf tournament.

3. Progress Reports will be sent home on Thursday, September 13. Please take time to review with your child his/her commitment to working hard each day by turning in homework on time, preparing for class projects, quizzes and tests in addition to following procedures and rules with classroom behavior and courtesy.

4. The annual Pastoral Congress is Saturday, September 15 at Juan Diego High School. All faculty, staff and parent community are invited to this important conference presentation lead by Bishop Oscar Solis.

5. Make-up and retake individual picture day is Monday, September 17. Students should wear Formal Dress attire for their picture. If retake photos are needed, your child must turn in the original packet of pictures to get free retakes.

6. Watch for Parent Teacher Conference sign-up coming this week. The conferences are Wednesday, September 26 and Thursday, September 27, from 12:45 to 7:00 pm.

7. There is a First Communion Parent meeting tonight at 7:00 p.m. in the Vaughan Center.   Parents only.

8. There will be no Homework Club on Monday, September 17, due to an all school faculty/staff meeting.

Thank You,

Mrs. Hunt, Principal




September 4, 2018

Dear Parents,

Please read the following important announcements:

1. There is an HSA meeting at 7:00 p.m. this evening in the school library. Room parents and all interested parents are encouraged to attend the meeting. If you have a concern or special topic for discussion, please contact Scott McAward, President. smcaward@sa.utah.edu

There will be a PROSPECTIVE PARENT DROP IN MEETING AND TOUR on Thursday, September 6, at 9:00 a.m. Please encourage families who would like to know more about Cosgriff School to attend the meeting and/or contact Maggie Kearns, Admission Director,   mkearns@cosgriff.org

2.  Homework Club begins today for students in fourth thru eighth grade. Students may attend Homework Club Monday thru Thursday from 3:20 to 4:15 p.m. This is an extra period for students who would benefit from assistance or time to complete assignments, projects, questions, test preparation etc.  At least two of our faculty members will supervise and assist students at Homework Club. Mrs. Millard will be available at Homework Club on Wednesdays to answer questions and offer support for Latin students.

Homework Club is not meant for casual reading, visiting and socializing. Your child will be asked to check into Extended Day if his/her intentions are not academically related. Upon dismissal of Homework Club at4:15 p.m., a teacher will wait outside until 4:20 p.m. for parent pick-up. After that time, students will be directed to check into Extended Day.

3. Congratulations to the 2018-19 Student Leadership Council. The following students were elected by their peers to lead and represent J.E. Cosgriff School for the year. Lanee Farr, Addison Conner, Marco Crosswhite, Sam Daskalakis, Jack Gose, and Gus Harmston. Lanee Farr will serve as President of the Student Leadership Council.

4. The Cosgriff School Board meets for the first time this year on Wednesday, September 5, at 6:30 p.m. in the school library. Welcome to the following new School Board members: Dan Burns, Dr. Chris Hill, Jenny Sherman, Jennifer Zalla, and Bernie Jo Marlowe. Mr. Bob Parenti will serve as Board Chair for the 2018-19 school year.

5. Bishop Solis encourages all faculty, parents, parishioners, and friends to attend the Pastoral Congress, September 15 at Juan Diego Catholic High School. In addition, the Catholic Youth Conference for teens ages 13 -17 will be held on September 15, at St. John the Baptist School, from 8:30 to 4:30. All young people are encouraged to take part in the Youth Conference.

6. Thank you in advance to all who purchased a foursome in the “Bad in Plaid” Golf Tournament, which will take place on Sunday, September 9 at Bonneville Golf Course. The foursomes are sold out!! Please contact Robb Farr if you would like to make an underwriting donation or donate a great raffle prize. robbfarr22@comcast.net

7. The annual Grandparent Brunch will take place October 3, at 9:00 a.m. in the church social center. Grandparents should receive an invitation within the next two weeks RSVP to Danielle Jefferies.djefferies@cosgriff.org

8. The new and improved playground has increased student energy and enthusiasm at every recess. A new sports court surface with basketball and four square lines will be added close to the middle of September.   Please encourage all who use the playground to respect the fence, gates, equipment, grass, cement, and garden space. We are very fortunate to have acquired a state of the art playground, outdoor classroom with garden boxes and a peace/prayer garden complete with a beautiful fountain.

9. Each grade has adopted a garden box and will soon plant a variety of herbs, flowers, and other plants indigenous to Utah. The garden use aligns closely with the NGSS Science Standards and other subjects as well.

10. Parents of second grade students, mark your calendar for the First Communion parent meeting on Monday, September 10, at 7:00 p.m. in the Vaughan Center.


Mrs. Hunt, Principal


August 27, 2018

Dear Parents,

The administration, faculty and staff are working with your children on day to day procedures, social skills, classroom, school-wide rules, and presenting RESPECT, our Christian virtue for August and September. Thank you so much for your hard work and support, especially during these first weeks of school.

Seventh and Eighth grade Student Leadership Council campaign speeches will take place Thursday, August 30, at 8:30 a.m. in the school gym. 

The first fire drill of the year with toddler thru eighth grade went smoothly today. We will continue to practice at least one drill per month including an intruder drill, school lockdown drill, chemical spill, earthquake, missing student, and additional fire drills throughout the year. 

Please notice in front of the office there is a small statue of Saint Martin de Porres, our patron saint for the year. Saint Martin was teased and treated very poorly because of his socio economic status, mixed-race and the color of his skin. He stands out as a strong role model for our school community appreciate and respect each other’s unique differences, talents, and challenges. We are all God’s children and deserve the utmost respect and acceptance as we navigate through life.

Please Read the Following:

  1. Mr. Downes and Mr. Harris would like to invite all students, 4rd through 8th grade to the Instrument Fair on Wednesday, August 29, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the school gym. This is a hands-on way for interested students to sample a few musical instruments, ask questions and hopefully select one that will be a perfect fit to play in the school band. We are in great need of new musicians to replace several of the outgoing eighth grade students from last year. All 4th -8th grade student are encouraged to attend the fair.
  2. The last day for 5th-8th grade boys and girls to sign-up for volley ball is tomorrowAugust 28.
  3. A short coaches’ volleyball clinic and meeting will take place on August 28 from 6:30 to 8:00 in the gym.
  4. The New Family/Mentor meeting and social is Wednesday, August 29, beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the school library. (Parents only)
  5. A reminder that Homework Club will begin on Tuesday, September 4, from 3:20 to 4:15pm, in the school library. Homework Club does not take the place of Extended Day. It is an organized and formal period for students who would like to ask questions, complete homework, research a topic in the library or study for a test. Mrs. Millard will be present at homework club on Wednesdays for the purpose of answering student questions for her fourth, fifth, sixth grade Latin classes. Mrs. Maier will assist seventh and eighth grade student on Wednesdays as needed.

If students go to Homework Club and have only a book to read, he/she will be escorted to Extended Day to read in the Vaughan Center library. This will allow more space and attention for those students in serious need of completing assignments, reviewing for tests, researching a topic and generally receiving more attention from the directors of Homework Club. Student conduct is expected to be respectful and quiet with the same types of rules and procedures as the regular school day.  Please note that parents are to be prompt in picking up students after homework club at 4:15pm. After a five minute grace period, students will be escorted to Extended Day.

There is not a fee or charge to attend Homework Club. Educational research strongly indicates that students who attend to academic study for a longer period of time each day learn more information in core subjects and earn better grades in school. 

6. Adventure is calling all first grade boys. The St. Ambrose Cub Scout Pack is now recruiting new Tiger Cub Scouts for the 2018-19 school year. The first meeting will be Monday, September 10, at 6:30 p.m. in the St. Ambrose Social Hall. Pack meetings usually occur the second Monday of each month and a separate Den meeting will also be held once a month. For more information, contact Jon Belgique,   Cubmaster, at jon@comtek.com or 801-998-8068. (Text ok)

7. Please contact Mrs. Hunt, Principal if you are available to work MondayThursday from 11:40 to 12:45, and Friday11:00 to 12:00 noon, in the lunch room/gym to help set up lunch and check-off names as student walk through the hot lunch line. This job will begin on September 4bhunt@cosgriff.org   801-486-6933

8. GRANDPARENTS, PARENTS, FRIENDS OF COSGRIFF AND ALL INTERESTED ST. AMBROSE PARISHIONERS: You are welcome to a second “Tech Savvy Training” on Wednesday, September 19, beginning at 9:00 a.m. in the school library and computer lab.  Bring your cell phone, lap top, ipad, chrome book, and a friend. This educational and fun class sponsored by the “Gold Club” will allow you to ask questions, learn new programs and become more efficient with the use of your tech devices. The instructors are our very own tech savvy “patient” parents.   Enjoy coffee, a sweet roll, technology training and a laugh, during this first “Gold Club” activity of the year. (Instructors for “Tech Savvy Training” are needed—please contact Mrs. Hunt, bhunt@cosgriff.org  if you are available to teach on September 19, from 9:00 to about 10:30 a.m.

9. Thank you to all parents who have served recess duty so far this year. The students are very active, getting familiar with the new equipment and comfortable with the field and play area. All students would benefit from being watched closely. If possible, please come on time 12:00 noon and refrain from using your cell phone while on recess duty, as all eyes should be on the students. Thank you.

10. The J.E. Cosgriff “Bad in Plaid” Golf Tournament is Sunday, September 9. Please support this fabulous fund raiser by donating gifts for the raffle or assisting in underwriting the event. Contact Robb Farr, Chair with question and suggestions. Robbfarr22@comcast.net,801-898-0582.

Thank You,

Mrs. Hunt, Principal


August 20, 2018

Dear Parents,

1. Thank you for your attendance at “Back to School” night. The faculty and staff were excited to meet with you and share pertinent information about the 2018-19 school year.

2. All Murray School District lunch orders and payments are due by Friday, August 24. Order forms are at www.cosgriff.org or in front of the school office. Please place completed forms with payment in the mail box in front of the office. Murray school lunch will begin on September 4.

We are in need of a patient adult to sit in the lunch room and check off names of students as they come through the line for hot lunch. This person would work Monday thru Friday11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Monday thru Thursday and 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noonon Friday. The list of students would be prepared for you by Deborah Holly. If you are interested in all or a few consistent days per week, please notify Mrs. Hunt right away. This is a salaried position.    bhunt@cosgriff.org   801-486-6933

3. Tuesday, August 21, is individual student picture day, FORMAL UNIFORM DRESS is required for all students K-8TH grade. A completed picture form and payment are due on picture day.

4. On Tuesday, August 21, please take time to attend a Mardi Gras committee formation meeting at 8:30 a.m. in the school library across from the gym. This brief meeting is for any and all interested parents. Please support the Mardi Gras, and know that Marnie Andrews, Chair hmandrews@gmail.com would love to hear from you.

5. J.E. Cosgriff students are certainly enjoying the new playground. It has an exciting and energetic feel to it and has something to offer for students of all ages at Cosgriff. A sport court surface will soon be placed on the basketball court, along with lines drawn for four square enthusiasts. The new playground includes special exercise equipment and a walking track for adults/senior members of the parish.

6. Once again, much appreciation goes to the E.L Wiegand Foundation, The ALSAM Foundation, North Star Builders, GSBS Architects, and Fr. Andrzej for allowing some of the funds from the Cosgriff twelve year savings account to be used for the project.

FYI, the new music room construction will begin in the very near future.

7. Volleyball sign-up is underway for boys and girls in fifth thru eighth grade. Go to www.cosgriff.org to sign your child up for this exciting coed sport. The deadline to sign-up is Friday, August 31.

8. As of August 21, Cosgriff has a full faculty and staff, all openings have been filled. We have a few available places for seventh grade students. Contact Maggie Kearns, Admissions Director for more information. mkearns@cosgriff.org.

9. All of the planter boxes on the east side of the school have been adopted by grades k-8th. This will be an exciting year for students to learn the art and science of horticulture.

10. The J.E. Cosgriff “Bad in Plaid” Golf Tournament is Sunday, September 9. Go to www.cosgriff.org to register your foursome. Please support this fabulous fund raiser by golfing and/or donating gifts for the raffle.  Contact Robb Farr, Chair with question and suggestions. Robbfarr22@comcast.net,801-898-0582.

11. On Friday, August 17, All Catholic schools received a special message from Bishop Oscar Solis on the “Call to Forgiveness, Prayer and Healing.” In the statement he asked all parishes and Catholic Schools to have a day of prayer and penance for the sins committed by our priests, bishops and other church leaders. The Cosgriff students will attend Mass at 8:30 that day and all parents are invited and encouraged to attend this Mass. In addition, Catholics are asked to pray during the day for these special intentions.

Thank you,

Mrs. Hunt, Principal


August 13, 2018

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year.  The faculty, staff and administration were very excited to meet and greet your children today. The students came to school full of energy with smiles on their faces and ready to begin a new school year.

Change of location: “BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT” will begin in the school gym for parents of toddler-5th grade on Wednesday, August 15, starting at 7:00 p.m. and parents of 6,7,8th grade students on Thursday, August 16, starting at 7:00 p.m.

On this first day of the 2018-19 school year, students were excited to meet the teacher and visit with their classmates. They were also overjoyed with the new playground area. It is a tremendous improvement which will hopefully increase student safety, physical fitness and fun. The outdoor classroom and garden boxes on the east side of the school will provide hands-on activities for students as they learn the science of horticulture and physically plant and care for an outdoor garden. It will also be a nice change-of-pace classroom for other subjects during the school day. The Peace Garden, just south of the outdoor classroom is just that! It is a beautiful setting to spend a peaceful moment for relaxation, reflection and prayer.

Much appreciation to the E.L.Wiegand Foundation, the ALSAM Foundation, other private donors, the entire North Star Builders team, Lucky Dog Recreation, and GSBS Architectural d


The construction of the music room located on the south east side of the rectory will be under way in the very near future. North Star Builders will construct this much needed music space for the school and parish. The generous donations from Maureen McCarthey and Terry Stephens have made this much needed space possible.

Please note the following announcements for the week of August 13-17:

1. Just a reminder: the Murray School District Hot Lunch Program will begin on Tuesday, September 4. Menu choices and payment forms will be placed on the Cosgriff web page and by the office in the near future.

2. Student in grades K-eighth grade are required to wear the school uniform. Uniform shorts may be worn the first and last quarter of the school year.

3. Kindergarten will attend school each day this week from 8:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. This will allow time for individual student assessments in the afternoon.

4. Wednesday, August 15, is the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother. All students, in kindergarten thru eighth grade will attend a special Mass at 9:00 a.m. Students are expected to wear FORMAL DRESS for the day. Please refer to the Student Handbook, policy 3400. This will serve as our Mass for the week. Students may wear casual or regular uniform dress on Friday, August 17.

5. A note from Robb Farr, Golf Tournament Chair. 

The Bad in Plaid Golf Tournament is around the corner and we are still looking for tournament sponsors and volunteers to support our first Fundraiser of the school year.  The format will be a Four Person Scramble on Sunday September 9th at Bonneville Golf Course.

Build your foursome now.  Cost will be $125 per golfer and hole sponsorships start at $200.

The tournament sold out last year and sponsorships are starting to roll in, so please secure your spot ASAP.

The webpage is live on Cosgriff.org.

Please contact Robb Farr with questions at robbfarr22@comcast.net or 801-201-5704.

Thanks to all who have contributed in past years, whether with time or money.  We couldn’t make this such a fun event without such a great Cosgriff Community!


6. Individual picture day is Tuesday, August 21. All students, kindergarten through eighth grade are to wear FORMAL dress for pictures. Picture purchase packets will be sent home today or tomorrow. Please make sure they are filled out with payment by picture day.

Thank you,

Mrs. Hunt, Principal

August 9, 2018

Dear Parents,

A few reminders:

1. Tomorrow, August 10, is “Meet the Teacher” day from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.

2. The playground is close to completion. Please note that all children and adults are to stay off of the playground tomorrow. Also, watch out for large trucks and other vehicles in the parking lot.

3. If you have changed your telephone number or address this past summer, please email the updated information to Maggie Kearns, Admissions Director.  mkearns@cosgriff.org.

Thank you,

Mrs. Hunt, Principal

August 1, 2018

Dear Parents,

Please read the following announcements and reminders regarding the 2018-19 school year. 

1. The eighth grade class is in need of one room parent. If you are interested, please call or email Mrs. Hunt right away. bhunt@cosgriff.org, 801-486-6933.

2. New Faculty/Staff Additions for the 2018-19 School Year

**. Ms. Jessica Jamison has joined the faculty to teach Computer Technology and to serve as our Technology Specialist.

**  Mrs. Logan Dunn will teach first grade

** Ms. Samantha Partyka will serve as the third grade assistant and work with Mrs. Drees.

** Mr. Jordan McCormack will teach pre-k thru third grade Spanish.

** Ms. Clair Cook will assist Mrs. Randi Green in the toddler program.

**Mrs. Michelle Roboch Trapp will return to Cosgriff this year and teach seventh grade language arts.

All families are invited to attend “Meet the Teacher” on FridayAugust 10, from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.

3. The HSA Cosgriff family picnic scheduled for Friday, August 10, has been cancelled. Watch for an HSA activity in the near future.

4. The Murray District hot lunch program will begin Tuesday, September 4. Please watch for a menu and order form at www.cosgriff.org or in front of the school office.

5. Girls and boys may wear a green or white collared polo shirt on casual uniform dress days. The light blue button down shirt is the only shirt option for older students on formal dress days.

6  Deborah Holly, our faithful Murray lunch program coordinator had to step down from her position for the upcoming school year. If you are interested in working Monday thru Thursday from 11:00 to 1:00 p.m. and Friday from 11:00 to 12:15 p.m. please call or email Mrs. Hunt right away. This job requires coordination with Murray District and consistency in a work schedule. bhunt@cosgriff.org  801-486-6933.

7. A complete Cosgriff calendar can be found at www.cosgriff.org. Please refer to it for important upcoming dates, such as:

The first day of school, August 13, Back to School Night, August 15 & 16,  Feast of the Assumption, all school Mass, August 15, 9:00 a.m.

The clean and slightly used uniforms will be outside by the gym door from 8:00 to 2:00 p.m. for the rest of this week.—yours for the taking!

Thank you,

Mrs. Hunt, Principal

July 16, 2018

Dear Parents,

Just a few reminders for the upcoming week.

1. All clean and slightly used uniforms will be placed outside by the gym doors each day this week and the week of July 23-27, from 9:00 to noon. Please come by school and help yourself to uniform parts which will fit our child. –No Charge–yours for the taking.

2. Tuesday, July 17, at 7:00 p.m. all available parents, grandparents who are new to the school or veterans are asked to be present at a short Mardi Gras–“creative idea” meeting in the school library. Marnie Andrews and Erin Freeman have worked so very hard for several years as co-chairs for this important fundraiser. Innovative thoughts, new voices and volunteers are  critically needed to increase the net proceeds of the Mardi Gras.  If you cannot be present, but have thoughts and ideas to share, please call or email Marnie Andrews right away. 801-750-5976 or hmandrews@gmail.com

3. The annual newsletter should be in your mailbox this coming week. You may also go to www.cosgriff.org to read all about our fabulous 2017-18 school year.

Thank you very much,

Mrs. Hunt, Principal

July 5, 2018

Dear Parents,

Please read the following important information as you continue to enjoy a fun, exciting and safe summer.

The updated school calendar as of July 3, can be downloaded at www.cosgriff.org  Check the calendar for upcoming events in August including “Meet the Teacher” August 10, and The First Day of School, August 13.

1. As we move into the 2017-18 school year, it is anticipated that our budget will be very tight and a bit on the red side. Teacher salaries were raised for the 2018-19 school year, to match 80% of public school teachers in the Granite School District This modest salary increase has been a long time coming and is necessary to retain our excellent teaching staff and attract highly qualified teachers to Cosgriff School. 

Our primary fund raiser for the year is the Mardi Gras, scheduled for March 2, 2019. We are in need of new ideas, volunteers, creative ways of increasing interest, attendance, obtaining fabulous auction items, and raising more money! New and returning parents are invited to a much needed “Brainstorming” gathering on Tuesday, July 17, at 7:00 pm. The meeting will take place in the school library or possibly in the new peace garden on the east side of the school if available. Enter through doors by the gym. 

Thank you

2. Much appreciation goes to Ashley Gardner and Rebecca Gray for assigning mentors with our new, incoming Cosgriff families.  Thank you to the veteran families for accepting this responsibility with kindness and support as you welcome a new family to Cosgriff School.

3. We have a few opening in our Tuesday, Thursday Toddler program and in our Seventh Grade. Please share this information with friends and others in the community who may be interested in learning more about Cosgriff School for their child. Interested parents are welcome to call or email Maggie Kearns, Admissions Director, mkearns@cosgriff.org. 801-486-3197 Ext: 424 or Mrs. Hunt, Principal at  bhunt@cosgriff.org. 801-486-6933. Please encourage prospective parents to go to www.cosgriff.org to learn more about Cosgriff School.

4. Clean and slightly used uniforms will be available to families for the taking from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on July 9,10,11,12,16,17,18. Racks will be outside by the gym door. It would be very helpful if a few parents had time to sort the uniforms, hang them up and box-up those that we cannot use. Please call Mrs. Hunt if you are available anytime to help with this volunteer work.  bhunt@cosgriff.org  801-486-6933.

5. Several grades are still in need of a Room Parent to volunteer for the 2018-19 school year. New parents to the school are welcome to serve as a Room Parent. Two Room Parents serve in all grades except toddler, where one parent is sufficient. One Room Parent will be asked to serve as the lead Room Parent and communicate directly and regularly with the homeroom teacher. Room Parent jobs are secure for parents who requested the position in Spring. A list will be sent out in the near future and homeroom teachers will contact you as well.

Please contact Mrs. Hunt right away if you are interested in one of the following Room Parent positions that have not been filled. bhunt@cosgriff.org    801-486-6933

Feel free to call with “job description” questions, before signing up as a room parent. 

Toddler (Mrs. Green) –Tuesday, Thursday; one parent needed

Pre-School (Mrs. Camp-Swaner) one parent needed

Pre-School (Mrs. Lee); two parents needed

Pre-Kindergarten (Mrs. Camp-Swaner); one parent needed

Pre-Kindergarten (Mrs. Lee); one parent needed

Kindergarten (Mrs. Jenkins); one parent needed

First Grade (Mrs. Logan); one parent needed

First Grade (Mrs. Commagere); one parent needed

Second Grade (Mr. Weyher); two parents needed

Second Grade (Ms. Sebahar); two parents needed

Third Grade (Mrs. Drees); two parents needed

Fourth Grade (Ms. Gale); two parents needed

Fifth Grade (Ms. Curry); two parents needed

Sixth Grade (Mrs. Newman); one parent needed.

Seventh Grade (Mr. Larson); two parents needed.

Eighth Grade (Ms. Gerhig); two parents needed.

6. To access a student’s school supply lists, go to www.cosgriff.org

7. North Star Builders is working fast and furiously to complete our new, safe playground, classroom garden and music room before the first day of school. Much appreciation goes to Phil Winston, Greg Ross and their entire construction team. Also, thank you to Phil Winston, GSBS Architects, the E.L Wiegand Foundation and the ALSAM Foundation for their generous donations to the playground and classroom garden project.


Mrs. Hunt, Principal