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EDUCATE IGNITE INSPIRE J.E. Cosgriff Memorial Catholic School, in Salt Lake City, Utah, is accredited for preschool through 8th grade by the Western Catholic Education Association.

A Ministry of St. Ambrose Parish

Principal’s Letter

July 16, 2018

Dear Parents,

Just a few reminders for the upcoming week.

1. All clean and slightly used uniforms will be placed outside by the gym doors each day this week and the week of July 23-27, from 9:00 to noon. Please come by school and help yourself to uniform parts which will fit our child. –No Charge–yours for the taking.

2. Tuesday, July 17, at 7:00 p.m. all available parents, grandparents who are new to the school or veterans are asked to be present at a short Mardi Gras–“creative idea” meeting in the school library. Marnie Andrews and Erin Freeman have worked so very hard for several years as co-chairs for this important fundraiser. Innovative thoughts, new voices and volunteers are  critically needed to increase the net proceeds of the Mardi Gras.  If you cannot be present, but have thoughts and ideas to share, please call or email Marnie Andrews right away. 801-750-5976 or hmandrews@gmail.com

3. The annual newsletter should be in your mailbox this coming week. You may also go to www.cosgriff.org to read all about our fabulous 2017-18 school year.

Thank you very much,

Mrs. Hunt, Principal


July 5, 2018

Dear Parents,

Please read the following important information as you continue to enjoy a fun, exciting and safe summer.

The updated school calendar as of July 3, can be downloaded at www.cosgriff.org  Check the calendar for upcoming events in August including “Meet the Teacher” August 10, and The First Day of School, August 13.

1. As we move into the 2017-18 school year, it is anticipated that our budget will be very tight and a bit on the red side. Teacher salaries were raised for the 2018-19 school year, to match 80% of public school teachers in the Granite School District This modest salary increase has been a long time coming and is necessary to retain our excellent teaching staff and attract highly qualified teachers to Cosgriff School. 

Our primary fund raiser for the year is the Mardi Gras, scheduled for March 2, 2019. We are in need of new ideas, volunteers, creative ways of increasing interest, attendance, obtaining fabulous auction items, and raising more money! New and returning parents are invited to a much needed “Brainstorming” gathering on Tuesday, July 17, at 7:00 pm. The meeting will take place in the school library or possibly in the new peace garden on the east side of the school if available. Enter through doors by the gym. 

Thank you

2. Much appreciation goes to Ashley Gardner and Rebecca Gray for assigning mentors with our new, incoming Cosgriff families.  Thank you to the veteran families for accepting this responsibility with kindness and support as you welcome a new family to Cosgriff School.

3. We have a few opening in our Tuesday, Thursday Toddler program and in our Seventh Grade. Please share this information with friends and others in the community who may be interested in learning more about Cosgriff School for their child. Interested parents are welcome to call or email Maggie Kearns, Admissions Director, mkearns@cosgriff.org. 801-486-3197 Ext: 424 or Mrs. Hunt, Principal at  bhunt@cosgriff.org. 801-486-6933. Please encourage prospective parents to go to www.cosgriff.org to learn more about Cosgriff School.

4. Clean and slightly used uniforms will be available to families for the taking from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on July 9,10,11,12,16,17,18. Racks will be outside by the gym door. It would be very helpful if a few parents had time to sort the uniforms, hang them up and box-up those that we cannot use. Please call Mrs. Hunt if you are available anytime to help with this volunteer work.  bhunt@cosgriff.org  801-486-6933.

5. Several grades are still in need of a Room Parent to volunteer for the 2018-19 school year. New parents to the school are welcome to serve as a Room Parent. Two Room Parents serve in all grades except toddler, where one parent is sufficient. One Room Parent will be asked to serve as the lead Room Parent and communicate directly and regularly with the homeroom teacher. Room Parent jobs are secure for parents who requested the position in Spring. A list will be sent out in the near future and homeroom teachers will contact you as well.

Please contact Mrs. Hunt right away if you are interested in one of the following Room Parent positions that have not been filled. bhunt@cosgriff.org    801-486-6933

Feel free to call with “job description” questions, before signing up as a room parent. 

Toddler (Mrs. Green) –Tuesday, Thursday; one parent needed

Pre-School (Mrs. Camp-Swaner) one parent needed

Pre-School (Mrs. Lee); two parents needed

Pre-Kindergarten (Mrs. Camp-Swaner); one parent needed

Pre-Kindergarten (Mrs. Lee); one parent needed

Kindergarten (Mrs. Jenkins); one parent needed

First Grade (Mrs. Logan); one parent needed

First Grade (Mrs. Commagere); one parent needed

Second Grade (Mr. Weyher); two parents needed

Second Grade (Ms. Sebahar); two parents needed

Third Grade (Mrs. Drees); two parents needed

Fourth Grade (Ms. Gale); two parents needed

Fifth Grade (Ms. Curry); two parents needed

Sixth Grade (Mrs. Newman); one parent needed.

Seventh Grade (Mr. Larson); two parents needed.

Eighth Grade (Ms. Gerhig); two parents needed.

6. To access a student’s school supply lists, go to www.cosgriff.org

7. North Star Builders is working fast and furiously to complete our new, safe playground, classroom garden and music room before the first day of school. Much appreciation goes to Phil Winston, Greg Ross and their entire construction team. Also, thank you to Phil Winston, GSBS Architects, the E.L Wiegand Foundation and the ALSAM Foundation for their generous donations to the playground and classroom garden project.


Mrs. Hunt, Principal