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EDUCATE IGNITE INSPIRE J.E. Cosgriff Memorial Catholic School, in Salt Lake City, Utah, is accredited for preschool through 8th grade by the Western Catholic Education Association.

A Ministry of St. Ambrose Parish

Disclosure Statements/Acceptable Use Policy

Religion Standards:


Season celebration Guidelines

Religion Primary K-1-2

Religion Intermediate 3-4-5

Religion Middle School 6-7-8

PRAYER Continum


Vocation curriculum


Disclosure Statements:

Preschool: Preschool Policies and Procedures

Mrs. Jenkins Kindergarten: Kindergarten Mrs. Jenkins

Mrs. Lacombe Kindergarten: Mrs. Lacombe Disclosure

Mrs. Commagere 1st Grade: 1st Grade Mrs. Commagere

Ms. Lim 1st Grade:  1st Grade Ms. Lim

Mrs. Garlinghouse and Mrs. Hristou 1st Grade Religion:

Religion letter grade 1

1st Grade Religion

Mrs. Hyres 2nd Grade: 2nd Grade Hyres

Mr. Weyher 2nd Grade: 2nd Weyher

Mrs. Hogan 2nd Grade Religion: 2nd Grade Religion Mrs. Hogan

Ms. Liljenquist 3rd Grade: 3rd Grade Ms. Liljenquist

Mrs. Garlinghouse and Mrs. Hristou 3rd Grade Religion:

Religion letter grade 3

3rd Grade Religion

Ms. Sebahar 4th Grade: 4th Grade Ms. Sebahar

Ms. Gehrig 5th Grade: 5th Grade Ms. Gehrig

Mrs. Newman 5th Science: 5th Mrs. Newman Science

Mrs. Newman 6th Grade: 6th Mrs. Newman

Ms. Gehrig 6th Grade Religion: Ms. Gehrig 6th Religion

Mr. Larson: 6,7,8 Mr. Larson

Ms. Curry 7th Grade Religion:  Ms. Curry 7th Religion 2019-2020

Mrs. Trapp 7th Language Arts: Mrs. Trapp Seventh Grade-19_20

Ms. Curry 8th History & Religion: Ms. Curry 8th Grade History and Religion 2019-2020

Mrs. Cindy Hunt 8th Grade:

8th Mrs. Cindy Hunt Classroom Procedures

8th Ms. Aguirre-Maier Disclosure Statement Span 2 8th Grade



Mr. Downes MUSIC:


Music Kindergarten Disclosure

Music 1st Grade Disclosure

Music 2nd Grade Disclosure

Mr. Downes 6th grade disclosure

7th Grade Disclosure

Mr. Downes 8th grade disclosure


Mr. Harris VIOLIN:

Mr. Harris Violin


Ms. Jamison TECHNOLGY:

Technology Disclosure

ISTE Standards, CCSS, Cosgriff Standards of Technology Learning

Acceptable Use Policy for Technology

Acceptable Use Policy for Student Email


Mrs. Harmston ART:

Mrs. Harmston Disclosure Art K-3

Mrs. Harmston Disclosure Art 4-8


Ms. Shrum LIBRARY:

K-5 Disclosure Statement

6 & 7 Disclosure Statement


Mrs. Millard LATIN:

4th Latin Millard

5th Latin Millard

6th Latin Millard


Mrs. Ellis P.E:

Disclosure PE K-2 2019-2020

Disclosure PE 3-8 2019-2020


Mrs Ellis 7th & 8th Grade Health:

7th-8th-Health-Ellis DISCLOSURE 2019



Mr. Huntzinger

CHOIR: Liturgical Choir Disclosure Statement for Grades 456 2019-1


Liturgy and Music Kindergarten and 1st Grade-1

Liturgy and Music 2nd Grade 

Liturgy and Music 3rd Grade 



Mr. McCormack Spanish1st Grade disclosure 19_20

Mr. McCormack Spanish 2nd grade Disclosure 19_20

Mr. McCormack Spanish 3rd grade Disclosure 19_20



7th Ms. Aguirre-Maier Disclosure Statement Span1

8th Ms. Aguirre-Maier Disclosure Statement Span 2 8th Grade