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EDUCATE IGNITE INSPIRE J.E. Cosgriff Memorial Catholic School, in Salt Lake City, Utah, is accredited for preschool through 8th grade by the Western Catholic Education Association.

A Ministry of St. Ambrose Parish

Western Catholic Educational Association



J.E. Cosgriff Memorial Catholic School was fully accredited by the Western Catholic Education Association (WCEA) in September 2017 as demonstrated by a full 6-year term of accreditation.  The accreditation process involved preparing a Self Study Document using criteria-based protocols that required the examination of eight key aspects of school life: Catholic Identity, School Purpose, Organization for Student Learning, Data Analysis and Action, Student Learning Expectations [SLEs] and Standards-Based Curriculum, Instructional Methodology, Support for Student Growth, and Resource Management.

The process leading to this accreditation has been on-going and involved all vested members of the Cosgriff school community.  Parents, faculty, students, and staff were surveyed on satisfaction with key aspects of school life. This survey data, along with formal and informal academic assessment data, was analyzed and used as the basis for goal development in the eight aspects of school life.  These goals were then prioritized and the top three were chosen for inclusion in a 3-5 year Action Plan. These goals include: (1) Creating an assessment tool, including rubrics, in order to identify student achievement of the SLEs, (2) Utilize research based assessments to guide mathematics instruction and implement mathematics curriculum in order to improve student performance in problem solving, and (3) Utilize the recommended sequence of common core standards and continual assessments on each grade level to ensure a solid progression of core curricular skills for each student. This Action Plan is a tool that will be used to improve student achievement by guiding curricular enhancements, instructional innovations, and professional development at Cosgriff. The effectiveness of planned changes to curricula, instruction, and professional development will be directly measured by improvement in student achievement as measured on formal and informal assessments. Progress toward our goals will be reported annually to the WCEA.

Please visit http://www.westwcea.org/ for additional information about the accreditation process.