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EDUCATE IGNITE INSPIRE J.E. Cosgriff Memorial Catholic School, in Salt Lake City, Utah, is accredited for preschool through 8th grade by the Western Catholic Education Association.

A Ministry of St. Ambrose Parish



Students at J.E. Cosgriff are challenged with meaningful, rigorous instruction. Our curriculum focuses on the study of Catholic Church teachings and the core subjects of mathematics, science, language arts, and social studies. Students also participate in technology, physical education, music, art, and foreign language classes.

J.E. Cosgriff Memorial Catholic School meets the requirements of the National Catholic Education Association and is accredited by the State of Utah and the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools.

Click on the following link for Academic Support at J.E. Cosgriff School

Pre-School Curriculum

The pre-school curriculum at Cosgriff focuses on the formation of basic concepts through hands-on activities combined with rhythm, rhyme, and repetition that allow children to explore and discover.

Our curriculum provides children with a well-rounded educational experience by incorporating 7 key components of childhood development:

    1. Religion: Catholic Values and tradition are key ingredients to our pre-school environment. Children develop an awareness of God in their lives through Bible stories and are taught to model their behavior after “what would Jesus do?” Children also learn basic , age-appropriate prayers and attend monthly all-school masses to receive a blessing.
    2. Social and Emotional: we focus on developing children’s sense of curiosity, enthusiasm, and joy for learning through oral language expression and social interaction
    3. Oral Language Development: One of the best predictors of reading success is the number of spoken words a pre-schooler knows and uses. We encourage children to communicate and build a diverse vocabulary, Children also learn to understand and enjoy reading by having stories read to them.
    4. Pre-Reading Skills: Teaching children the names and sound of the alphabet letter set the stage for them to develop important pre-reading skills.
    5. Math and Science: Basic mathematical and science concepts help children better understand the world around them. By using manipulatives, sensory experiences during play, and experiments, children develop an interest in math and science that will be utilized throughout their education.
    6. Fine Arts: Children are taught to use music, movement, drawing, role-play, and creative play to express themselves and develop their imagination. Using art for exploration and purposeful experimentation helps give children a life long appreciation for art and creativity.
    7. Physical Health and Activity: We build children’s self-esteem, fitness and overall well-being through structured large and small motor skills development. Children are taught the value of physical fitness and proper nutrition in order to promote a healthy life style.
    8. For Preschool specific Policies & Procedures click on the following link: Preschool Policies and Procedures



Kindergarten – 8th Grade Curriculum

Language and Communication

  • Literacy strategies integrated into all subject areas. Teachers and staff work as a collaborative group to meet the needs of each student.
  • K-8 leveled reading library
  • Small guided reading groups used to target students individual reading levels.
  • Power Hour, intense small group instruction with teacher and reading aides, used daily in lower grades
  • Reading tutoring with http://www.schools.utah.gov/curr/STAR/
  • Spanish taught in grades K-3 and 6-8
  • Latin taught in grades 4 and 5

Religious Instruction

  • Regularly scheduled religion classes
  • Daily prayers and intentions
  • Weekly Masses on Friday
  • Visits by school pastor
  • Liturgical Choir program offered for grades 4-6
  • Liturgy and Music director engages students in meaningful reading and song during the celebration of the Mass
  • Click on the following link for Religion Standards Preschool-8th Grade

Math and Science

  • K-6 Curriculum: Math in Focus/Singapore Math. Research based strategies designed to build mathematical understanding, reasoning, and problem solving skills through a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach.
  • Middle School Curriculum: Holt, Rinehart & Winston. Multiple forms of assessment give students experience with state-standardized tests. Powerful intervention tools integrated into every chapter and every lesson. Algebra readiness begins early in the program to provide students with the strong foundation they need for success in algebra.
  • 7th and 8th grade students complete in school, diocesan, and Salt Lake Valley Science and Engineering Fairs.


  • computer classes one to two times a week teaches students vital computer skills while supplementing the core curriculum
  • Students learn Microsoft programs such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Publisher.
  • provide research opportunities to facilitate classroom curriculum and assignments

Cultural and Fine Arts

  • Music theory and application instruction for grades K-8
  • Art instruction for grades K-8 once a week
  • Liturgical Choir program for grades 4-6
  • Students in grades 7 and 8 are encouraged to join the St. Ambrose adult choir
  • Optional Concert and Cadet Band program for grades 4-8 before school twice a week
  • 8th grade mock trial team competes against other middles schools from across the state.

Community Service

  • All students participate in monthly community service projects. Past projects include:
    1. Thanksgiving dinner baskets for St. Patrick’s Parish
    2. Collecting food and item donations for the Utah Food Bank, YWCA, and the Road Home.
    3. Fundraising for deserving foundation and organizations such as the Huntsman Cancer Institute, Homeless Youth Resource Center, and Care Ethiopia.
    4. Student performances for Parish Senior groups
    5. Visits made to homebound member of St. Ambrose Parish who live in the neighborhood.
    6. Knitting scarves and hats for the St. Ambrose Parish Giving Tree at Christmas.

Sports and Athletics

  • PE Classes once a week for grades Toddler through 8.
  • Presidential Fitness Award Program for grades 4-8
  • Ski Program
  • UCAA (Utah Catholic Athletic Assoc.) sanctioned volleyball, basketball, and baseball for grades 3-8


Special Programs

  • Learning Resource Center: Student can receive additional help to catch up, keep up, and get ahead. Testing reading and math is available. Students who qualify receive more explicit reading instruction.
  • STAR Reading Program: One-on-one tutoring for reading practice. Lessons supplement classroom instructions. Students benefit from increased reading time and targeted practice.
  • Counseling Program: On-site Student Family Advocate available by appointment.
  • Homework Club: Students are able to ask questions and get extra help with their homework. Homework club is available for students in grades 4-8.
  • Gold Medal Schools Program: Developed by the Utah Department of Health in 2001, the Gold Medal Schools Programs helps schools address overweight and obesity issues. Schools participating in the Gold Medal program use the State of Utah’ s core curriculum and the Centers for Disease Control’s guidelines to improve students’ academic success through policies and environmental changes that support good nutrition, physical activity and staying tobacco-free. J.E. Cosgriff School achieved the Bronze medal status during the 2006-2007 school year and earned both the Silver and Gold Medal during the 2007-2008 school year, and platinum in 2010. Cosgriff School is currently at the highest level which is Platinum Focus.